We are the commercial extension that help you expand your Medical Device, Genetic Testing and Molecular Diagnostics Businesses in Asia Pacific.

What do we do?

GeneHubAsia is a business development firm specializing in Medical Device, Genetic Testing and Molecular Diagnostics within the Asia Pacific region. We perform consultations, business development, sales and marketing work for you from the other side of the world, helping your business to penetrate, expand and get successful in the Asian market.

Why choose us?

It is costly and challenging  to set up an office or commercial presence in Asia especially if you are a startup company. Consider the fact that Asia is a very diverse continent with a lot of different cultures and practices. Save the time and utilize your costs on your products while we do the rest of the work for you.  

What do we provide?

Why are We the Best for You?

We are not just any business development firm, but a very specialized one. Below are a few things that we are good at.

Deep Expertise

Our team is very experienced with the Asia Pacific Genomics and Genetics market, with both commercial and technical expertise. We understand extensively the regulatory framework, market information and competitor activities in the region. We have a vast network of Key Opinion Leaders as well as extensive reach into the different and diverse regions in Asia without restrictions. 

Get into the Chinese Market

We have a special skillset: the ability to translate Chinese language in both written and spoken forms, to and from English. Don’t get left out from one of the fastest growing consumers in the world.  We will also help you to liaise with the relevant parties for China FDA processes “In China For China”. Likewise there are several avenues whereby the bulk of Chinese business do not even take place in China but other Asian countries!

Driven by Results

You will only be dealing with highly proficient partners with excellent past track records for sales growths. We ensure that all projects are strategically planned and effectively delivered, with no time wasted, specific to your needs and requirements. We do not just generate leads, but can actively engage the customers. We set timely milestones to help you achieve the exposure, growth and success that you want.

The Midas Touch

We understand that it is crucial for your organization to invest wisely. What better way to save tremendous costs than to outsource your business development when you are on the other side of the world? Unlike others, we are not just your business development partner; we are also your sales and marketing personnel, strategic consultant, translator, and even graphic designer. And we don’t work on one country, we work on several countries to maximize your businesses.

What We Provide?

We are versatile in customizing our package to your needs.

Here are our different offerings. It is possible to pick and choose according to your needs and budget. Our package will remain competitive and ensured to be the best for you.

Why are we the best?

Strategic Planning

1. Market Research & Information
2. Competition Analysis
3. Regulatory & Ops Analysis
4. Go-to-Market Strategies

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Marketing Activities

1. Content Marketing
2. Social Media
3. Lead Generation
4. Events & Collaterals

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Sales Activities

1. Prospect, Profile & Qualify
2. Pipeline Building
3. Presentations
4. Negotiations & Referral Generation

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Other Services

1. Chinese <> English Translations
2. Merger & Acquisition Due Diligence
3. Ventures Assistance
4. Graphic Design

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About Us

GeneHubAsia is started by professionals from the Genomics and Genetics industry with many years of experience in the Asia Pacific region, with both technical and commercial expertise and based in Singapore. We are especially familiar with the Cancer (Single Cell Sequencing, Oncogenomics) and Reproductive Health (Preimplantation Genetic Tests, Non-invasive Prenatal Screenings) domains and are also well versed with Sequencing, Microarrays and other molecular technology.

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